here are some of my own curated playlists for various types of emotions and scenes within a full length film.
Emotional, Sad, Reminiscing
this list of songs is meant for moments in film that have sad and emotional elements. for example, in a love story the main characters of a film get into a huge fight. both characters leave each other. then footage is shown of both characters thinking and reacting to what just transpired while one of these songs plays over the montage.
this list of songs is meant for adventurous scenes within films. for example, imagine the main character of the film you are watching is making a big move to a new city. as the film displays a big montage of this character packing and moving from place to place, driving down country highways, one of these songs plays in the background.
Happy, Excited, Party
this list is pretty self explanatory. these songs are all meant for when characters in a film are having a good time, or when everything comes full circle into a happy ending. 
Cut Scenes, Transitions
this list of songs is meant for parts in a film that transition us from one scene to another. these transitions are usually less complex and less meaningful to the overall purpose of the film. an example of this could be anything as simple as a group of characters in a film driving to a restaurant together. 
this list is also pretty self explanatory. these songs are meant for any romantic scenes between characters within a film.